Tamena Bokhari "My heart goes out to the victims and their families..."

January 13th 2010

I want to say that I am so very sorry to hear of the earthquake in Haiti. My heart goes out to all those in Haiti and to Haitians living in Canada who may have family back home. Having worked in earthquake relief directly in Pakistan and teaming up with others to support earthquake relief in China, I can imagine the trauma in the local areas. Being from Pakistan, a country where the emergency response, healthcare and social assistance infrastructure may not be as developed as Canada's, I know that relief efforts can take even a greater toll on the nation as a whole. I understand that the Canadian government is ready to do its part. I encourage everyone around the world to do what you can to help.
Thank you,
Tahmena Bokhari

A picture taken by Tahmena Bokhari from her camp during her earthquake relief mission of 2005 in northern areas of Pakistan.
A picture of a tent put up by local survivors of Balakot, who now live on top of ruins of their once large and tall home and next to the graves of the family members they lost.
Picture taken by Tahmena Bokhari following the Pakistan earthquake of 2005.


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